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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:08 pm 
Lots of people were saying I lied and was therefore evil. Sure, I fed some individuals a bit of BS, but I was careful to keep my forum posts uncontradictable, and they seem to be implying I lied on forums. Linus (a townie) did the vast majority of my drawing-wrong-conclusions-about-zombies for me, so I didn't actually lie much.

An actual compilation of things I said on forums this game, in reverse order:
- my death announcement (true)
- messages stay in outbox (true)
- I am voting for ObitoSigma since he is trying to kill people (true, and I didn't even mention he was waiting outside my room trying to kill me)
- bites don't hurt me and I'm happy to let people bite me (true)
- I haven't bitten anyone human since I promised not to (was true at the time, and the only one I bit afterward was Pesto, eight minutes before he was going to become a zombie anyway)
- some alibis (either true or obviously trolling)
- the consensus lynch is Python (true)
- I can't do damage other than biting, and thus can't kill people without giving them time to paranoia (true)
- I am surprised by the vampire goal (true)
- I don't intend to bite anyone human (okay, this was sort of a lie, but I did intend not to bite humans who weren't about to die or about to become zombies or willing to trade me something for it, since I didn't want to piss off town, at least until undead had a majority. Notably I didn't say that my goals didn't prefer human-biting over non-human-biting, just that I wasn't going to do it. It would be better to bite non-humans for 5 every day than humans for 10 but get lynched immediately.)
- gurev was a vampire (well, it wasn't true when I bit him, but it was true the next day, so I would've been fine if anyone had shoveled to check...)
- "I bit Linus because he screwed me over by betraying my secret, and it's basic reasonable enforcement principle to take revenge by using my only offensive ability against someone who screwed me over." (I do in fact believe this is correct, and this was a factor in my choosing of which human to bite. I also sort of wanted to off Linus so he wouldn't be able to research and harm other undead thingies I was allied with, but that would've equivalently applied to Josh / Anthony.)
- my schedule update about tooling in 34/36/26/4 (these are all sometimes true, though my main reason for posting it was to gain flexibility in the "bite people in your intro locations only" rule)

I think I'm probably overreacting to accusations here, but chiller calling me a liar on forums was such deja vu...

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