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scraps of planning
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Author:  sammyluo [ Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  scraps of planning

because it's too coherent to let slip away in the chat that we all forget everything from

options for today:

1. David bites some townie. This makes David look sketchy, but gives him access to freeze, kaboom, and teaching us kaboom. He can teach Jason freeze and/or kaboom, fang himself, then freeze-kaboom one of obito, lucy himself (probably obito). He could also get outed and unexpectedly vigkilled in between, which would be bad.

2. David bite-selfmanafang-kabooms a target, probably obito or lucy. This requires me to give him some mana beforehand. He can then teach us things afterwards. This also runs the risk of him getting reactively killed first if obito/lucy expect him coming, which is very likely if we don't find a good excuse for the cmcclena thing. However, it's less likely to run the risk of David getting lynched in the long run.

3. David lies low, lets jason make the kill. This only deals with one of the two and also leaves david vulnerable still, so David still has to bite somehow.

I'd vote 2 except that David has never killed before, so 1 is maybe safer.

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