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Day 0-1 Plotting
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Author:  gurev [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Day 0-1 Plotting

Isha and I want to win the wizard competition, and know more spells than Achester and Laberca. The current methods of doing this are:

Teach someone the spell "teach spell", and then have them teach spells to us. This costs one mana for us to teach them, and then they spend one mana to teach us.

Use Isha's "wizard intuition", which costs 2 green mana. You specify an exact mana cost, such as "1/2 blue and 2 yellow", and a random spell with that mana cost is revealed to you. If you already knew the spell, or if there are none with that mana cost, you get 1 green back.

The first way is much more efficient and good for making friends. After 11 p.m. Natasha, Jade, Isha and I went to mana spires to get mana. I then taught both Natasha and Jade "teach spell", and got two new spells.

Most importantly, I got a spell which heals another person 1 life for W. I also have a spell which in exchange for B and one life, gives you BBBB, three times per day. Combined, this is 6 free mana a day as long as we get the colors working correctly (for example if ixa and I go to 2 white and a black mana spire, she ends up with 3W and 1 B, and then we run the thing 3 times to have BBBBBBBBBB).

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