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 Post subject: What Jfrisch is up to
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:03 am 
Hey, I'm still in the bay area and therefore 3000 miles away. Mchang is currently my body double. I'm getting back on tuesday. Mchang can complete all game actions for me and serves as a target for the mafia. Basically she is my representative for game and the way I communicate with her is via aok (I think). I'm essentially putting my physical self into hibernate mode excluding clearly good opportunities given my special role if I have one. For example, if I were investigator I would continue investigations and use a proxy chain. If I were super-hero I may very well choose to be ironheart etc... I admittedly don't know where my character was at the time of the murder, apologies about that, apparently mchang didn't know she was subbing for me though (I've had no contact with her except via aok, so I didn't actually know this until shikexu posted). I'll try and be active and post good advice on the forum but obviously will be more helpful to the town when I'm actually, you know, in the town. I don't feel like disclosing more about my role right now except that I am not mafia (which is pretty useless info, well, not useless it would be quite helpful for the town to have a confirmed innocent but given that I don't suspect merely saying I'm not mafia is going to convince anyone... anyways)
I'd appreciate it if various people could write me with game perspectives, the forum is noteworthily bad at keeping track of actual game state beyond the facts. I hope to write some generally information for the town after this, just genericish good advice. Also, votes might be harder than I would hope, I'm three hours early here and am up to various things around here (I was in Berkeley today from about noon to 9 my times, and therefore didn't vote, sorry about that)
Anyways any questions which you want to ask me publicly should probably go on this thread for ease of access.

Sincerely Jfrisch Town
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:29 am 
I'm going to be getting on a plane within the hour. And should be back in cambridge some point before day end (7ish maybe, I'm not actually sure exactly when I'll be getting back to random)

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