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 Post subject: About Hiding
PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:29 pm 
Especially since we're going into the weekend, when players tend to be less accessible, I'd like to remind people to keep your intros/schedule updates updated. Ideally, your schedule should be such that each day, with high probability, there exists at least one person on the other team who could kill you that day if that person (only) prioritized killing you over anyone else that day. In non-math-ese, there should be at least one reasonable chance to kill you each day. (Sometimes real life prevents this on a day; try to compensate if you can.)

About deliberate hiding: It is hard to know where to balance this, since the standard LAM game mechanics really aren't set up for a bunch of kills where the killer doesn't mind announcing themself to the victim in advance. I think a reasonable guideline to follow is that if someone knocks on your door saying they want to incant on you, you should open it so they can use the 1-2-3 rule, unless you wouldn't open it for an IRL reason (e.g. jamb's examples: asleep, having sex, or whatever). I'm calling this a guideline rather than a rule, because it can't be objectively said which IRL reasons count or not. If you do have to send them away, if possible tell them where they can find you to kill you that day. (Even things like "I'm not going to let you in now because I'm in the middle of a plot, but you can incant on me after 6 at ET" are okay.) I hope I've clarified how I feel about hiding; I know this isn't a solid rule, though, so ask me if you have questions. The above is all in service fo the "there should be at least one good chance to kill you per day" guideline.

Happy killings!

 Post subject: Re: About Hiding
PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:09 pm 
The hiding rules have changed, to simplify and clarify them. The above post is no longer definitive. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(a) The 1-2-3 rule, for open doors, still exists.

(b) Each player must have one publicly posted time --- at least an hour --- when they are killable each day. (i.e. the location they'll be at that time is public.) If you notice a violation by someone you want to kill, bring it to my attention; they'll have a chance to remedy the situation, and if they don't they'll become remotely killable for that day.

(c) The above is the only requirement on killability. You don't have to open a closed door of your room.

(d) If someone comes to kill you at a time when you said you'd be killable, you can't say "Oh, can this wait until after I get my shot on X in?" or something like that. Or rather, you can say anything you want (including making truces, etc) but the rules do not enforce it.

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