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 Post subject: jasonye's thoughts
PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:08 pm 
Probably should've had this thread earlier, but something is better than nothing I guess.

I think my clues have been both a bit conservative and a bit too much of a stretch at different points.

RED SEA for 6 was meant for:

In hindsight, this could've extended to QUEEN, BERLIN, COLD, HAWK, and maybe even WELL. The later clue did so, and also reclued ATLANTIS and SLUG.

Day 2, I was going to clue FOOD for 0 in order to almost perfectly establish the set of blue people, but then was told to clue ksedlar strongly if she wasn't red. Didn't have that much time after that due to irl reasons, so I went for MILITARY, fake cluing DRAFT, and actually cluing:

I hoped the "RED" from the previous day would maybe get people to think of COLD WAR, especially since dylanhen also had WAR, but that failed. In hindsight, HAWK probably should've also been included.

The three clues I gave day 3 were:
RESTAURANT for 0 (improved FOOD for 0 clue that got aok's color correct)

I wanted to clue HP only to get LIFE, FORCE, BATTERY, and SLUG (some through HIT), but that was rejected. I was running out of time, so I tacked on LOVECRAFT without much thought, and managed to not see HEART or SHADOW while glancing through the other words.

I think HP LOVECRAFT was probably my worst clue this game; probably should've been more conservative when giving these three clues. Red never managed to figure out the connection to HIT, and didn't think of the HP connection until the next day.

HEWLETT PACKARD was meant to both re-clue HP (except FORCE, which was hit by then for MILITARY), and also COLD through PACK, and NET through HP being a tech company. Unfortunately, my team still only got LIFE, and saw CODE but not NET.

As mentioned above, the second RED SEA was meant for the remaining words plus ones I had missed earlier. My team still failed to see RED->COMMUNISM.

When I Googled SCOTTISH AUSTRALIAN, I forgot the quotes, so I thought it had more than 10^7 when it didn't. python apparently made the same mistake, and achester thought it wasn't threatening enough to veto, so it passed. It was meant to clue:

BERLIN was sketchy, especially with GERMANY, but mostly I wanted it to be even, as my team had requested the bit of: "even if dgrazian is red, odd if not".

I think overall my team suffered from a lack of coordination, and while me accidentally revealing ixa's team helped with that, forcing me to clue HP LOVECRAFT probably did more harm.

 Post subject: Re: jasonye's thoughts
PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:10 pm 
Notably, "HP Lovecraft" confused the hell out of green. I saw the HP = LIFE connection, but I thought it was incredibly strong for clueing HEART (love), NOTE (Love Note), and PASTE (craft). I of course didn't point out any of these to red, and fake-claimed what I thought was the best one (HEART) myself, without actually shooting it. Cmcclena wasn't in the green chat, and hadn't claimed red to my knowledge, so that left green thinking that cmcclena was an afk blue. Green spent a huge chunk of the game not being sure which of corwind and cmcclena was red (only the former had claimed red, and while they both looked blue from clues, HP LOVECRAFT made cmcclena look so much more blue). Corwind even looked more red from the green clues (due to CHINA, and then later HELICOPTER being amazing for UPLIFT).

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