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Author:  cmcclena [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Rip

I was attacked by bees and hacked around 5:30, and poisoned around 8:18. Being attacked by bees meant I couldn't (can't) communicate verbally for 12 hours, hacking was for 6, and poison means dying in 24 hours and requires the poisoner be in the same room.

Ikdc attacked me with the bees, and either hacked me or knew I was about to be hacked. Either Katie or ikdc poisoned me (i think it was katie). Katie came to random, presumably to talk to ikdc, while I was coming up from the basement. I motioned to her that I couldn't speak, hoping she would relay it. It was around this time I was poisoned, though technically I went into black hole because I was listening into conversation and had thought I heard another voice. Katie was gone, ikdc was there, but I didn't think ikdc saw me.

I'm fairly sure meghal was not a bear because I used a bear whistle to send a message telling her she was going to be lynched and to meet me at ec so I could gesture her to give me her stuff (bc team yaoi) but she made no acknowledgement of it.

I said most of this in a "town" gchat created last night that I believe contains all living players, but figured I might as well post it also, considering dead people and spectators.

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