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 Post subject: last night’s antics
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:43 pm 

Ksedlar's summary of events in the town square chat:
(First of all, if you are not in this chat, please ask to be added to the chat).

Ksedlar said: "Regarding Dylan's death: people at ET were Lily, me, Dgrazian, Python, Josh, Adam Yedidia, Jason, Luke, and Lucy. The latter two claim to not have been playing. Jason checked his timestamps of when he updated the Minions spreadsheet; he says it was exactly 9:34, which means that the kill happened during the break in the Minions game. I was on the phone with my mom; Lily was hanging out in the dining room, and Lucy was baking a cake with Mollie in the kitchen. I believe no one here actually has a player alibi. Given that someone claimed Jakob tried to assassinate them, I advocate for lynching Jakob. "
Ksedlar asked for someone to confirm that Jakob was playing, and then goddamnTumeric did.
Jakob was added back to the chat.
Jakob said: "gah rude
I will give up on pretending to not play that player tried to kill me I did not try to kill them they're not mafia, I think I interrogated them since they tried to kill me"
ksedlar said "Investigator L says that the set investigation on {dgrazian, brunnerj, python, adamyedidia} returns positive."
Jakob advocated lynching one of them.
Emilycf claimed to have also been at ET during the kill time.
Jakob said, of triangleCirculate "I know their goals and they involve killing specific third-party usernames they thought i was on the list of people they should kill due to a messup"
Meghal said, "kk people in ec tvl are currently voting kob"
Ksedlar said, "Informer Mello says that they have information that suggests Adam Yedidia is less likely than the other three to be guilty. Separately Informer Near (who says they can resolve the positive set investigation tomorrow) says that they would prefer not lynching Dgrazian or Adam Yedidia, if some of the 4 has to be lynched."

Jakob changed his stance to: " ok trianglecirculate is ashley and is mafia we should lynch her I tried to bargain information out of her i am 3rd party"
Ashley said, "ok I'm not mafia and jakob tried to kill me julian can back me up"
Ksedlar advocated voting for either of them.
Julian said he couldn't back Ashley up.
Jakob said, "i need to kill a specific third party player i am willing to cooperate and provide some of the info ashley provided me when being interrogated to town"

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:51 pm 
my thoughts:

1) neither jakob nor ashley seems likely to be town-aligned, so lynching one of them was a good choice.
2) there was a priest (about dylanhen’s death) that is only useful if there are at least 21 players. There are probably not at least 21 players.
3) there should be no way we don’t catch dylan’s killer today. in particular, if there is any uncertainty at all as the end of the day approaches, we should force (under threat of lynch) the remaining suspects to reveal their forum usernames, so that they can be linked and pair investigated.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:42 pm 
I'm not in this chat. What's the big idea, see?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:30 pm 

ksedlar added python, brunnerj, Dgrazian, and Adam Yedidia to the Live Action Mafia club, and they made 5x investigations on {brunnerj, python} -> dylanhen, which returned python as being innocent. Brunnerj refused to reveal his username (which would have allowed more pair investigations on him.) At 9:51, Meghal said she got the message, "proxy out that josh ran into squares and tapped jason on the shoulder". Separately, ksedlar advocated that everyone link ahkim and triangleCirculate, because that gives useful pair investigations, even on kills we are sure ahkim didn't do.

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