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 Post subject: rip jakob
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:25 pm 
rip ashley tried to kill me and i was so focused on getting info on her that i didn't realize i would be lynched. I played that really wrong.
I forgot ashley would post saying I tried to kill her immediately and didn't give myself enough time to post things. I instead spent an hour interrogating ashley (yielding the following information) and then failed to convince town not to lynch me. Probably correct play is to throw ashley and her teammates under the bus as soon as she stops telling me info, but that would be really mean and I don't like being really mean.

My personal spreadsheet: ... 1858237915

ashley knows that there is another game, this is why she wanted to kill me specifically.
She is somewhat sure that I am playing this game and not the other game.

Knows about 2 games because of GM screwup.
Knows that I am in game, Max claimed as much.

she thinks the other game is a separate game that has a distinct set of players

ashley is mafia

ashley claims the following ppl are playing:
"thinks" jasonye is playing
hentoa - sounds like a giant troll
also, probably the mafia are not on this list

gives a set of 2 people one of which is her teammate:
- tG (tomatoGarlic)
- gT (goddamnTurmeric)

ashley only knows two of her allies, that there may or may not be more mafia.
has a phonebook. Has an obituary. Has a schedule object. Has a voting records.

neither tG nor gT is jackie.

this is a scheme made ~entirely by the person who posted it.
ashley claims "we have no plans (tried to illegally kill me)
someone made a kill. They killed dylan at the same time.
"how do you know who gT is?" she asks, when I said they were online.
ashley gives me a phone book.

 Post subject: Re: rip jakob
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:52 pm 
Can people write a couple of full sentences or so in grammatically and punctually correct English? I am curious if anyone is afflicted with an inability to use proper grammar.

I was planning to put all my posts to dead-action through double google translate to disguise my writing style lol. Not sure how I'd react to this

I got lynched in dead-action mafia

not entirely sure why that happened.. maybe it's shenanigans or maybe it's just people conflating games or something.

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