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About lynching me
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Author:  lindrew [ Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:12 pm ]
Post subject:  About lynching me

Four separate pair invests have gone against me for aolsen0; I think this is clearly "evidence" (in quotes) that I did the murder.

First of all, a clarification: I'm still pretty sure I was not yet at Next at 10:12. This was a while after the acapella concert, during which Anders could have gone back, but I stayed with a bunch of NPs to talk about the acapella concert.

This means that from my point of view, the only logical conclusion is that I was framed. It seems not really worth doing pair invests on this death anymore, since I highly doubt they'll make me more guilty or more innocent at this point.

I would have thought it was brunnerj who framed me. He seemed to be pair invest, asking me to proxy for him on day 1. I didn't entirely trust him, so I suspected him of the kill on jasonye (and I told this to syoro and agu). Now that he's dead, though, it couldn't have been him who did it.

If it seems that I am likely going to be killed tonight, I'll post everything I know closer to 11pm. Also my "last words" will be more useful than jwlw2022's.

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