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Good job everyone!
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Author:  ksedlar [ Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Good job everyone!

I talk a lot in graveyard about how people should have done X more optimally or whatever, but people have done a great job this game!

Particular comments:
- Good job everyone who came to spirit searches! This was definitely a huge strength for town this game, and it wouldn’t have worked without people all coming together (even repeatedly pressuring mafia into needing to come!)
- Good job to everyone who helped to figure out my final words! I said this elsewhere, but that was really impressive!
- Good job to aolsen0 for numerous on-target investigations, especially for swapnilg, but also including on Sir Nico for vikt’s death!
- Good job to Sir Nico and m2w for the wonderful banana-themed plots! They made me laugh a lot.
- Good job to jwlw2020 for arranging my death. I know you claimed that you’re being overestimated, but that’s impressive!
- Good job to lindrew for making the most out of your execution! Posting your full splitter history like that was exactly the right thing to do (and a lot of people don’t think to do this), and may end up being important for people figuring things out later.
- Good job to mielu, farel22, agu1, lindrew, and syoro for generally being active and involved in the town, often beating out more experienced players with your attentiveness to the important things in game!

And a belated good job to agdawson in the last game for her spot on assessment of what shenanigans mafia had been trying to pull. Sorry you died so early this time, and I’m glad you’ve still been following game (it makes the graveyard more fun)!

Author:  ksedlar [ Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Good job everyone!

Wow, farel22 just blew everyone else out of the water here. Just... wow. Congratulations for naming the exact set of mafia, down to the specifics of mafia/SK, in the mid-game!!!

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