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living player's plans
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Author:  agdawson [ Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  living player's plans

making a new thread to keep track lol. he is gonna see this once the game ends but whatevs

farel22: "maybe swapnil is mafia. he kills anna [myself], and fucks himself over. I always thought it was too obvious that he had the counter."

(farel thinks that mafia was playing next-level mind games. but he has the right conclusion.)

(also, he suspects m2w for brunnerj's death. he has no investigation powers, so her not being guilty doesnt really matter. only syoro will be able to)

farel22: "oh my gosh, nico has no alibis. he is using his trust with me to kill everyone" [more words] "i want to post this but i dont want to die"

dledesma: "then give me the counter"

hopefully mafia changes their plans with his post. so funny if he dies tomorrow and all the SAs trigger

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