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 Post subject: Ixa's thoughts on game
PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:41 pm 
I'm glad I'm dead I can relax, sit back and watch town win.... hopefully.
Here are some of my thoughts on game day by day for posterity :P and so I have them written down somewhere

Day 1
> I spent a while trying to figure out how mafia could possibly microanalyze my splitter sets and how to use/counteract that, gave up, and just it.
> I didn't really want to believe that josh made that kill :/ It just seemed wrong in a lot of little ways, none of them large though. The killing inside an enclosed space, innocent investigations (-- because they were last minute and looked suspicous because of that), no paranoia text, etc.
> I was really happy that we were able to brute force the death lol. We had SO MANY splitter investigations that day. I was a scared of a faked investigation, and might've pushed the next day to keep investigating onadeva if not for the fact that they died without an item :thonking: Dying with an unaccountable item just screams mafia.
> I spent a while in front rooms trying to convince people to not execute Josh. He roleclaimed conspiracy theorist, and the update that he told me when he thought he was going to die updated me to town on him?
> (OOG it would have been really amusing to kill a sk before he made a single kill)
> I realized that I have a maybe bad habit of only talking to people I know personally (ET/floorpi contingent, mostly); I wish there was a better way of getting in contact with people I don't know.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:44 pm 
Re: talking to players you don't know the gchat of: active players will look at forum pms. Inactive players will check email.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:01 pm 
Day 2
Sorry mafia, for being hard to kill today :( I was on floorpi and there are always NPs willing to help kill people so I don't feel that bad. (In fact, unrelatedly, Julian freaked me out at some point by walking into tvl, looking around, and leaving. I even paranoia-d about this)
> Yesterday, jasonye had claimed to be seer to me. Today, he looked at my role and I proved myself splitter to him by way of megaol, and tried to show that my sets were sufficiently town. (Not, y'know, sets of sizes 8 v 0 :P). This was pretty powerful, because it gave jasonye a fairly large update on me being town, and we collaborated a lot for the rest of game. The (at the time unknown) downside is that presumably mafia figured out that he was seer through megaol's role in this interaction.
> I think roleclaiming to one person is pretty powerful. Mafia can't actually trap you because it makes the person you told suspicous, and it helps town be accountable if something goes wrong. The downside is obviously that late-game the traps get more powerful, and PI's should be really careful about this. Splitter gets weaker as time goes on though, and I didn't really expect to live long enough for this to matter :skull:
> I'm... really surprised that we lynched a mafia. I'm pretty sure micosu was lynched because Linus picked at random, and I feel like random lynches shouldn't ever work because mafia try to random lynch townies and townies also usually try to lynch townies on accident...
> Generically I think mafia being inactive in forums is going to hurt them a lot; Like katie, I think faked pair investigations would have been pretty helpful

O I didn't think about using mit emails. I was too busy being sad about not knowing people's gchats, oops.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:31 pm 
Day 3
> Jason checked aok's role, I poked aok trying to get him to confirm. some miscommunication happened, and I never actually got to fully confirm that aok was Investigator Owl, like he claimed. I confirmed that he was in the owl proxy chain through agu1, but I couldn't confirm if he was just town. :( Still town-updated on him a bit though.
> I was roleblocked and instantly suspicious of megaol (For the wrong reasons, apparently :P). Jason knew my role mechanically, so couldn't have trapped me. I wrote megaol's name on the taser, because I didn't realize that names couldn't be erased from tasers, and I figured I might as well keep some protection.
> This was the actual day Linus picked micosu randomly, oops. Day 2 was onadeva, who we lynched because literally everyone else was cleared. I'm still surprised we managed to lynch mafia.

Day 4
> Basically nothing happened today, and agu1 and I both agreed that brunnerj should get lynched.
> I am overall a little annoyed at how uncoordinated the investigations are; I think it's easy enough to look at the spreadsheet and pick/lock people who haven't been investigated innocent. Granted, the spreadsheet wasn't the best, but I wish people posted their plans more.
> On that note, another benefit to role-revealing/proxying info is that you don't lose the information when you die (esp if you tell 1 person the information, and another person that you told the first person to reveal something upon your death). Town maybe would've slightly benefited from this with yyao's death? eh, brunnerj got lynched anyway so idc that much.
> Up until I died I thought mafia had tried to kill a serial killer today, and was trying to see if I could update based on who I knew was around/killable.
> RIP emmaw being unlucky in killing me. I was around floorpi for a bit, went and got dinner, came back and started talking to Julian about mafia (during which he was apparently messaging the mafia to help kill me). cjq walked in before emmaw got a chance to get into EC? I tend to walk along the floorpi halls yelling F R U I T B O W L before the aforementioned event happens, and I'm usually alone in doing this. Unfortunately, this happened to be the one time that cjq decided to walk with me so that we could go get the cowbell instead of yelling, oof. Amusingly, cjq and I had just had a conversation about him trying to scare-kill me, and how if he killed me right then it would be pretty suspicious.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:32 pm 
Oh, I still had my taser with megaol's name inscribed on it because of my screw-up on Day 2; I think it's made her paranoid that she's suspicious to town now :P

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:12 pm 
Splitters must make equal size lists, so it doesn't actually make you look townie to reveal reasonable splitter lists. It might make you look more townie if it doesn't have sketchy people on it, but that is all.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:22 pm 
ack correct; I should really have read the rules for this game more carefully. I still think that mafia!ixa would have put all the mafia in one set, and picked that set? Unless town is really good at claiming splitter sets, this is easily faked, and easily thought of.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:21 am 
megaol did a pretty good job of seeming town (to me, at least) but I think this was at maybe the expense of mafia coordination/not being able to sway town?

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