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Town Strategy Thread
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Author:  megaol [ Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Town Strategy Thread

The most important thing is to be active: use your role powers (except for vig) (and proxying out results if relevant), and vote every day. Sign nico's pledge!

Some other points:
1. Instead of proxying out your investigation results separately every time, it is also reasonable to tell exactly 1 (randomly chosen) player your role. They're probably not mafia, and even if they are, they probably can't trap you without looking suspicious. Then, tell them your investigation results etc. every day (the same player each day).

2. If you have an immovable rod, someone should know about it. Preferably just one person so you're less likely to tell mafia.

3. Random executions with large debates are bad. Often, town will have no idea who to execute, and will attempt to choose randomly. The problem is town has no opinion, but the mafia knows who not to get executed. They're generally pretty able to unsuspiciously suggest people they know are town, or take the heat off a mafia someone randomly elected. I'm not sure what the best way to get around this is. I personally believe in the strategy where people make decisions themselves among the few most sketchy people without too much discussion. This allows mafia to coordinate and potentially boost the number of votes for someone who isn't mafia, but I don't think the swing from 3 mafia coordinating outweighs their negative effect on collaborative discussion. Maybe we should try this strategy this time. (again, this is only for random execution mobs, not when we have legitimate evidence that someone(s) could be mafia.)

Author:  megaol [ Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Town Strategy Thread

4. Roleblockers are generally actually negative for town given no update on who's mafia; probably try to roleblock less active/inactive players if any exist, if you're just choosing randomly.

Author:  Sir Nicoeus [ Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Town Strategy Thread

I second this. Also if someone tells you their role, don't share it whilst they are still alive. That way if someone appears trapped, we can guess who the mafia or at least who one of them is based on who you told your role to. At this point, I believe that roleblockers especially should proxy out so that if someone is trapped 2 days in a row without a roleblocker claiming them, then we should assume they are likely trapped and thus they should reveal who they told their information to.

Author:  megaol [ Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Town Strategy Thread

An explanation of Proxying:

Loosely, you want to make sure town knows the results of your role power, especially if you have an investigative role. But you don't wnat to get trapped by posting said results yourself. You can proxy in one of two ways: choose one player to always tell your results to; they'll always post in forum concealing your identity. The other way is to tell someone Investigator/Roleblocker/etc. X says ?. Don't make it clear said investigator is you, and on the flip side, if you receive such a proxy, you should post it to forums with around 30% probability and continue the chain with 70% probability. That way, no one will know where the message started, since all people in the chain are saying the same thing, and so no individual person has more than a probabilistic update on who has the given role. You don't proxy for all roles though; heres what each one does.

Various roles:
Pair Investigator: definitely proxy out your results
Roleblocker: Proxy out your roleblocks so mafia can't claim "roleblocked' for a kill.
Splitter: Proxy out the chosen set. It's good to know who gets splitters so they can be held accountable for using them.
Priest: Don't proxy anything out until you actually hit on a set. At that point, it is very very important town hears your results. There's no reason to tell a player your role until then also, I think.
Conspiracy Theorist: Don't proxy out your sets publicly, because you're definitely happy about someone in the set making the kill. You could plausibly tell one other person your role, your sets and who should be talking if you die, but I'm not sure about whether this is good or bad.
Planeswalker: Proxy out when you use one of the above proxy-able role.
Vig: oove probably just don't say or do anything all game. maybe at the end.
Gay knight: Don't say anything beforehand, and you can be as public as you want after it triggers.
Seer: Don't say anything until you note a contradiction somewhere. Proxy out if you do.
Owning an immovable rod: Pls tell someone

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