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Proxy Chains and Sharing Information
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Author:  cjq [ Wed Feb 26, 2020 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Proxy Chains and Sharing Information

If you haven't yet, pledge: and read town strategy:

Julian's post about information sharing on is good. To summarize:

Paranoia texting. Tell another player if you see someone attempting a kill, or are alone with another player.
Information you should post. If you receive a splitter investigation, are roleblocked, or learned something from an item, post this on Town Square.
Information you should proxy. If you are a pair investigator, roleblocker, or splitter, you should proxy out what your actions are every day.

Proxying is very important! The idea is that you want information about your actions to become posted without mafia knowing who did it. The idea is that you tell someone a message of the form

[[role_name]] [[codename]] says that [[info]].

If you receive such a message, then you should either copy-paste the message to someone else or copy-paste the message to this thread, chosen randomly. Eventually, the information will get posted. megaol’s suggestion of telling one randomly chosen player your role and telling the same person every day is reasonable.

One last thing. Information about investigations is of the form “{ixa, jasonye} -> cjq = ixa.” This means that, for cjq’s death, an investigation on ixa and jasonye returned that ixa is (nonstrictly) more innocent.

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