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Author:  cjq [ Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  pravi messages

pravi: err, you being outed mafia is actually kinda powerful if you own it?

cj: yes, it is

pravi: exactly
this is me claiming to you

cj: interesting

pravi: it was coincidence that you were my "random trusted townie" because that really was rng but

cj: who do you plan to kill and when

pravi: so it's hard for me to get to campus until Friday and I'm kind of just hoping that I can run into someone at all?
I'm going to try to be on campus tomorrow but like, real life makes it hard
but also if I don't make the kill in the first 3 days its obvious it was me because I live so far away

cj: i see

pravi: it depends on my friend from Weston helping me get a ride to campus tomorrow after work, because then I can do a kill
if I don't manage to make it tomorrow or Friday, I actually have infinite free time after that + a car and can make a dictated kill for you while appearing to be ~10 mi away per alibi
(SKs usually get 1-2 kills max and frankly I'm not going to be careful when it's my time to shine, and I kind of don't mind wasting a cycle knowing this)

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