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I'm getting executed I hear
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Author:  megaol [ Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  I'm getting executed I hear

So the evidence against me that I've heard is the following:
1. I was stalked as having visited python (who died)
2. The number of pieces of "weird things/lies caused by mafia" is pretty high if I'm not lying.

So the main argument against this (mainly the first) is that if I were mafia... would I really be the one making the kill? I have presented myself as a targeting role, making a lot of posts who would be a prime target to be stalked. It wouldn't be wise for me to be the one making the kill... As such, I'm not really convinced the fact that I was shown to be targeting python actually means much.

I wanted to go through and try to find explanations for what happened last night that doesnt involve there being >3 mafia to help convince you not to execute me, but I got distracted playing minions. I urge you to look for explanations along those lines, since those are the true explanations.

As a sidenote, I personally think Zoe's late taxi driver claim with a huge stall on reporting actions is really sketchy??? I wasn't the one actually in contact with her, but her behavior so far reflects with my experience of new players being mafia faking inactive.

I probably ended up making this post too late for it to matter.

Anyway, the second part of this post is important, too.


So it looks like a lot of experienced players are going to die off pretty soon, with python/aok dying to mafia, and dg/me executed. Usually the meta is to execute a random inactive player, since they're often mafia-faking-inactive. Something that usually happens is all the "active, experienced" players get killed off if they're town, and the ones left alive are mafia. If you end up in a situation where there's only one experienced player left, please kill them because they're probably mafia. New players, please realize that if there's only one experienced player alive for a long time, theyl are probably mafia.

Here's my ordering of alive players by how active/experienced they seem?? to be.
sir nico

What I said above especially applies if one of josh, katie, or sammy lives too long...

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