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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:33 am 
Occasionally a mafia don needs to make an expensive... purchase, using a fine steak and ham dinner using only the freshest meat the don successfully wooed alex arkhipov from being a sheep to a wolf in sheeps clothing, welcome to the team Alex Arkhipov.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:18 am 
Hi Mafia!

Here's an infodump of what I know.

I'm an Innocent Child. I'm in the Innocent Child network set up by Miranda. Its members are

Daniel Grazian
Jenny not Jennifer
(formerly) Miranda Gavrin

mads is going to reveal to dukhovni to connect him to the IC network. dukhovni will not be told the identities of other IC's so as not put more eggs into the basket of a known trusted innocent that (town believes) can be conscripted. The idea is to have Genies reveal to him and be connected to IC's. Daniel also suggests not having too many Geni's reveal to avoid conscript risk.

mads also seems to be be the trusted innocent among the trusted; as I think Miranda messaged only her the info about abergal (described later),

qql is genie. Jenny not Jennifer was blessed by qql on Day 2 and is investigating Troy's death (the only legal option), which will fail due to Don. This was told to the Network, and I believe to be true since I don't think one would lie about it and it seems like a standard friend-reveal-to-friends thing. qql and Jenny not Jennifer planned to me at 11 AM today to go to Troy's death site.

I have a medkit that I got from hiji. hiji had revealed this to Miranda before she died, so it's possible she shared this info with someone else.

abergal will die at the end of Friday due to being Gay Knights with an evicted townie (vfazel). She is planning a gambit to catch the rogues. The idea is to have an investigator proxy lie and claim to have been found guilty of a kill. Then, she'd "reveal", solicit rogue PM's that she'd forward to the IC network, then be lynched before her doomedness is revealed. I don't believe the IC network has given her a contact yet; I'd like it to be me just in case. Townie me had thought that this plan had too many failure cases, so maybe Mafia me should advocate it? The funny thing is us knowing about it doesn't help us that much since it's meant to trick rogues.

ksedlar revealed to the network that she "believes that aok and Dgrazian are most likely innocent, but with a lesser degree of certainty than for Haley and Sammy Luo". Haley and Sammy Luo had given her Mics.

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