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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 11:34 am 
Previous discussion indicates that the game as it now stands has a serious problem with mechanic overload. In an attempt to mitigate this problem and find an optimal amount of relevance for mechanics in the game, I propose the following role:

Mechanic (a.k.a. engineer)
Gains one unit of materials every day. Each day, the mechanic can choose to either use her materials to build items, or collaborate with someone else. If collaboration with another player is chosen, all of the mechanic's materials, as well as materials shared with the mechanic that day, are lent to the other player for the day. The other player is notified of who lent them materials and how much was lent.

When a player builds items, materials are first taken from the player's own supply, and then those of others in order of the time they lent their materials to that player that day. Any unused materials are returned to their owners.

Mechanics can make most items, but different roles can build different items at huge discounts. For example, one possible partial distribution is:
-Conspiracy theorists get a discount on microphones (alternatively, tasers)
-Cynics get a discount on receivers
(Alternatively, or concurrently, Gay Knights get moderate discounts on microphones and receivers)
New microphones and receivers can be made according to old models, so that multiple receivers can be triggered by one microphone, or multiple microphones can trigger one receiver. Perhaps only mics/receivers made by mechanics themselves can have this old model option?
-Genies (if they still exist, probably in immunity form rather than investigation form) get a discount on shovels
-Police Officer gets a discount on tasers
-Mayor gets a discount on medkits

Mafia and rogues can make bombs, which activate when they are killed, killing the prophet/gay knight smiting them or a random person who votes to lynch them. However, if they are tased, the bomb does not activate, and is instead transferred to their killer (if smitten) or a random player. This bomb can then detonate when that player is killed by a mafia-aligned player (though not if kaboomed)

Innocent children can, with a large amount of materials, make a ring of purity that prevents conscription and cannot be accepted by mafia-aligned players (in particular, it must be destroyed by a mafia-aligned killer at the moment of the kill)

Mafia also get one defective material charge per day, which can be shared with someone. Whichever item that person makes that uses the defective material will not work (return random result if shovel, otherwise just does nothing - how this affects tasers is a good question)

Mechanics can also (for ~10 materials) make an engine, which spews out one extra material per day. This starts paying back after 10 days, so isn't too OP.
Ok, in all seriousness, adding the role of mechanics would more likely aggravate the problem of overload of mechanics, rather than mitigate it. Still, I (and some people I proposed the role to) thought it was a cool enough idea to throw out and see what we could do to possibly make it work. This would probably be best suited for a high-mechanics game (i.e. for experienced players, or newbies who want power play).

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:24 am 
This sounds like So Much Fun, but also a pain in the rear to keep track of.

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