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Non-players: Act like ghosts
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Author:  Alex [ Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Non-players: Act like ghosts

This game, we're trying to limit the game-influence of non-players to that Mafia can't get caught just by making a kill where others can see. This is also intended to be a tight-knit game for ET. So, if you're not a player, whether at ET or not, you should act like a ghost.

Don't talk to players about game. Don't react to kills you witness. Don't confirm or deny abilis, even general things like whether a player usually attends the recitation you're in. Players should know better than to ask you, but if you're following the game enough to be reading this, you should know too.

The Town Square will be open for everyone to read so you can follow the game. Feel free to discuss with other NP's and ghosts, but make sure no players can overhear.

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