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Some rules reminders
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Author:  Alex [ Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Some rules reminders

You can't kill players who are in the Dorm or who are sleeping. Don't wake up sleeping players to kill them.

For entering people's rooms at ET, be generally reasonable, but the guideline I suggest is that personal rooms are OK to enter only if the door is open. If you're not OK with that, please say so.

Message or call me (201-240-8237) to report a kill. It's OK to wake me up for this. If I don't post in 30 minutes, you're free to make your own death post. Just include the location and time of death. The "ET is one location" thing isn't happening.

You may not show any form of timestamped proof like chat records, LoL match histories, or receipts. You can claim it, you just can't show it.

The coin flip for voting tiebreaks went reverse-alphabetical, so Z's are lynched first, etc.

Mafia lose after the third day of no kill, unless they prove a win based on the vote result at the end of that day.

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