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 Post subject: Anonymous messages
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:40 pm 
Here's the state of the anonymous conversations, as far as I can tell.

Early in the game, I posted as FSBezopasnosti to try and sniff out the traitor. I received a PM from Vlad P (I suspect this is ksedlar) saying that there were 4 Russians, and wondering why I wanted to use cryptography. She seemed to think that FSBezopasnosti was claiming to be the Russian double agent.

Гордиевский (anpere) also made contact but didn't give any real substantive information.

PM communications via zhongguo (also me) to come soon...

 Post subject: Re: Anonymous messages
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:44 pm 
Message from ThePeoplesRepublic (who we suspect is ksedlar):
RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 just sent all the Russian spies stating:

1. You are in contact with qwertyuiop (who you believe to be the Chinese double agent)
2. Qwertyuiop told you who all the Russian spies are.
3. Гордиевский is the Chinese double agent
4. Some information about what the Chinese powers' are. I don't want to repeat that in case RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 sent different information to different Russian spies.
5. Your private key (which is why I'm pming you this now instead of posting to the forum).

Anyway, I am very, very sorry for my combination of being busy and not being able to figure out PGP quickly enough (I still don't understand how all of it works). I realize that you probably trust qwertyuiop over me now, because they were quicker than me, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't tell them anything sensitive. I will tell you everything now. I trust that you sufficiently don't mind me potentially giving information to the double agent.

Our role/item posts:

babybaby: Role: Politician, if I'm going to be lynched, whoever I vote for gets lynched instead
Item: Mike/Receiver Pair
Role: Desperado. After going desperado I have BANG immunity, one free kill, and two investigations per day. I die after two days.

русскийшпион: Item: Magic stone. Once per day I can ask god a yes/no question about a murder, and god will respond as if I had asked the victim right after they died. Also, once per day, if I witness a kill, I can use "resurrect" to resurrect the victim within 10 seconds.

RussiaFTW: I am a "vigilante." This is in quotes, because it's the role name I was given, but my actual power is to make two investigations per day, without needing to visit the murder site. I have no ability to make kills.
I received two items:
1. medkit - activate and become immune to "bangs" for a day.
2. brainwasher - tap someone and say "brainwash" to erase their previous goal and replace it with a goal of your choice.

rusha: role: desperado
items: shovel, blackmail (You may use this item on a target with the incant "Blackmail". Choose one of your goals (You don't have to tell the target which one). The target gains the following goal:
GE: (None)
VC: Your blackmailer completes their associated goal, or your blackmailer and everyone that shares the associated goal is dead.)

We don't have concrete plans at this point, partially because none of us can make kills. There was a lot of discussion about using the brainwasher and the blackmail in various interesting ways, but we never reached a consensus. I will keep you updated, though I may not be able to post sometimes for some stretches of time. Please do not take this as me being disloyal.

Response from zhongguo (lilychen):
Good. Thank you very much. I believe you. You've shown enough specific knowledge of the game setup that I'm convinced you're not making up these details. They match with what I understand of the Chinese side's items and roles, and I believe the situation was set up to be symmetric.

Glad we're in touch now. Please continue to tell me anything useful about the Russians' plans and what information they get.

Do the Russians already know who is in the Chinese group?

qwertyuiop claimed the Russians had a meeting at 6 pm. Were you there? Can you confirm that they indeed had such a meeting?

And what is the deal with "rusha," "babybaby," "русскийшпион," and "RussiaFTW"? Who created these accounts? Are these the Russians' pseudonyms? Why are they communicating with each other anonymously?

You said that RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 told you that "Гордиевский is the Chinese double agent". Can you elaborate on this? Terminology is confusing.

From ThePeoplesRepublic:
Ah, typo, I meant that Гордиевский was the Russian double agent (which was hopefully clear from context).

The Russians, at least not all of us, don't know who is in the Chinese group. I'm guessing the Russian double agent will tell us soon though.

Technically, there was a meeting at 6:15, not at 6:00. But yes, we had a meeting, and we were all there. Ksedlar suggested that we role/item reveal simultaneously and anonymously. So we know what the roles/items are, but not who has which. "rusha," "babybaby," "русскийшпион," and "RussiaFTW" were our anonymous accounts, which simultaneously posted in our hideout with the role/item info.

I have one question for you: are you relaying what I'm saying to the other Chinese?

From zhongguo:
I am not relaying this to the other Chinese. They don't know that we're in PM contact, as far as I'm aware. I would like to keep it that way, since as you said, our private key is compromised. (We realized we couldn't keep it private for long anyway.) Please occasionally post generic-sounding messages to the crypto thread to keep up the illusion that we're not in PM contact.

I guess there's not much I can tell you to convince you that I'm not the Russian double agent. You'll have to take it on faith. I don't think I should tell you who the other Chinese are at this point. I don't think there's any need for you to know, and I don't think there's any need for you to know who I am on this account (though the Russian double agent may tell you soon enough).

Please be very careful not to blow your cover.

From ThePeoplesRepublic:
What kind of stuff should I post to the crypto thread? I don't think that's a good idea.I wouldn't be fooling anyone anyway, given that as I said, the key is compromised, so there would be no reason for me to post there.

You could always say that I started pming you, but then just relay more generic sounding messages to the other Chinese and pretend they're from me.

I will be careful not to blow my cover.

From zhongguo:
Ok, fair enough.

Have the Russians been told who the 4 people in the Chinese group are? Please let me know when that happens (ideally with some sort of time stamp).

How are the Russians communicating with each other? Some sort of group chat? How frequently do they communicate.

I meant to ask this about the meeting last night at 6:15 - Were all of you there? Was everyone there on time?

From ThePeoplesRepublic:
The Russians as a whole have not been told who the people in the Chinese group are yet, though it is possible the Russian double agent has already told RUSSIAN_SPY_#3. I will let you know when the status of this changes.

Communication: The Russians are generally just using forums. There is theoretically a Facebook chat, but that hasn't been used much. Communication is frequent. There are 12 topics and 43 posts as of right now.

Recent topics in the hideout: There is a potato item that will do bad things to Russian spies. RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 is about to be let into the Russian spy hideout.

The meeting: Yes, all of us were there. Jessk, ksedlar, and Lucy arrived on time, and ajliu arrived at 6:30, which she stated she would do ahead of time. The meeting was on the 4th floor of the student center in a room ksedlar had access to. The meeting was organized by ksedlar, who wanted us in one place so we could do the simultaneous anonymous role/item reveal.

From zhongguo:
I see. So RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 is claiming to be one of the four of you? And this person claims to be in touch with the Russian double agent, and not to be the Russian double agent themselves?

From ThePeoplesRepublic:
Yes, that's what's happening.

From zhongguo:
Why do you believe that RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 is in fact one of you?

In addition to the Chinese private key, did RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 provide any other information (e.g. a passcode) about the encryption scheme? If so, what is it?

Could you please provide the timestamps on all communications with RUSSIAN_SPY_#3? Have any of you reached out directly to the person who claims to be the Russian double agent?

From ThePeoplesRepublic:
RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 pmed us a bunch of relevant information, plus the fact that we had a system of deadman switches set up (we pmed 1/3 of a url to a google doc to each of the others to put together in case we die). I guess it's possible that it's someone from your group, possibly the double agent, who got the information and is pretending to be a regular Russian spy.

Yes, they said that the passphrase was liveactionmafia2015. Sorry for not saying that earlier.

I cannot provide the timestamps for communications with RUSSIAN_SPY_#3. They pmed each of us individually, so to give a timestamp would be to expose who I am, which I am not comfortable with (though I will say it was sent between 9 pm and 11 pm). However, they have not sent (at least not sent to everyone) pms since the original pm yesterday night. It is possible some of us reached out directly to Гордиевский, but no one has said this publicly to the group.

From zhongguo:
Thank you. Would you be comfortable giving me the timestamp of RUSSIAN_SPY_#3's message to within 10 or 15 minutes?

 Post subject: Re: Anonymous messages
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:49 pm 
From zhongguo (lilychen) to qwertyuiop (who we think is Lucy??):
Now you're not speaking to the Russian double agent. This account is controlled by one person only (no account sharing allowed) and you'll have to take it on faith that I'm not the traitor.

Tell me more about what happened at the meeting. Did everyone arrive on time? Where did it occur?

What psychological reads do you have on the other three?

Do the Russians know who is in the Chinese group?

We think qwertyuiop is Lucy because of the familiarity with PGP (which may rule out ajliu), and because of the keyboard layout (which may rule out jessk). I am not entirely convinced of this though, not as much as I am convinced that PeoplesRepublic is ksedlar.

From qwertyuiop:
ajliu was the last one to arrive. Lucy was the first one to leave.

ksedlar came up with the idea to simultaneously reveal our roles and items so the traitor would have to make a decision fast. We each made a fake account and then posted our role and items.

We decided brainwash was best used to gain a fifth member rather than within ourselves.

We decided we wanted to ally with the mafia (or really with any killing role)

ksedlar had us make deadman switches, google spreadsheets with the url split between the other three. She later realized this gives the traitor access and no one else and so also gave the url to an np.

jessk commented that she had a dvorak layout and that my username really stood out to her.

RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 claims to be in contact with the Russian Double Agent. She told us one of you can blackmail, 2 of you have a protective ability, and 1 has a conditional killing ability.

Lucy's response to why she posted on Town Square was "I'm bored." She also said mafia are less likely to kill her now.

ksedlar seemed very annoyed with Lucy's post

ajliu posted that we should not take the potato item

From zhongguo:
Have the Russians been told who the 4 people in the Chinese group are? Please let me know when that happens (ideally with some sort of time stamp).

How are the Russians communicating with each other? Some sort of group chat? How frequently do they communicate.

What do you mean by "potato item"?

Please clarify your use of "she" to refer to RUSSIAN_SPY_#3. Do you have reason to think RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 is female?

Can you tell me a bit more about these spreadsheet URLs? I don't quite follow how they are set up. And if you can, send me the URLs that you have.

From qwertyuiop:
We have not been told who the Chinese are

We have a FB group chat because Lucy's texting is "unstable"

All ajliu posted was that we should not accept it because it would do bad things to russian spies

"she" shared information only one of us would know. We're going to give her forum access.
No one has considered that this could easily be a Chinese imposter (though I know that's not the case).

We each made a spreadsheet and split the url to it into three pieces, distributed between the other 3 players. In the case one of us dies, we are to post our part of the url. This will give us access to their spreadsheet and all the information they had after they are dead.

I won't share the URL's I have until after I can trust you are not the Russian Spy. I also don't think they would be of any use to you.

From zhongguo:
Fair enough. I suppose giving me the URL fragments might give away information about your identity.

Can you say more about how RUSSIAN_SPY_#3 proved that they were one of you? Information that only you four would know, i.e. timestamps, post counts, or meta information about the Russian hideout? Or was it specific substantive information that was shared with the four of you?

Could you please provide timestamps for all communications with RUSSIAN_SPY_#3? I would also like to see the verbatim text of any messages from RUSSIAN_SPY_#3. Thanks.

 Post subject: Re: Anonymous messages
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:32 pm 
PM from People's Republic:
Recently in the Facebook chat: Lucy posted as Mr. Potato Head, in an attempt to get information about the potato. The account aaysr apparently responded and said they had a potato. ajliu told Lucy not to take it (ajliu seems to have extra information about potatoes). People discussed the issue of what to use the magic stone on, but no decision has been made so far. jessk asked a question about the rules for the magic stone, which suggests she probably isn't the person who has it.

Still not much in the forum. I'm sketched out by this, because there was a lot more posting yesterday, especially by ksedlar. I keep feeling worried that they've found me out or suspect me and that they're excluding me from their conversations. But I'm probably just feeling paranoid...

 Post subject: Re: Anonymous messages
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:35 pm 
By the way aaysr was me. I'm not sure why Lucy is trying to get info about the potato. I'd assume ajliu would have told her what it does... Very confused.

In other news, lvl9000 claimed that they tried to kill ksedlar at 1 pm, the kill failed, and she told them what her role and assignment were. Dunno how much to believe this, but they've claimed to know ksedlar's role to two separate accounts I control.

I asked people's republic if anyone tried to kill them at 1 pm and they said no. Not sure how much to believe them, but if both people are telling the truth, people's republic might not be ksedlar.

 Post subject: Re: Anonymous messages
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:31 pm 
From people's republic
Still no specific plans. If the magic stone, blackmail, or brainwasher have been used, no one has said so. The magic stone is a once per day thing though, so it will probably get used. The suggestions for how to use it were to use it like an investigation or to use it with the question, "Are you town aligned?" It is possible that the results of the magic stone won't be posted to everyone though.

Ajliu said she didn't want to give the information about the potato to the double agent, so she didn't give specifics about why it was bad for Russian spies.

No, I haven't told anyone my role.

Also, RUSSIAN_SPY#3 posted in the hideout:

8:36 - I know identity of all Chinese spies. I do not want to tell you all, because Chinese double agent does not know who the Chinese are. Russian double agent is still alive.

8:42 - Users QWERTYUIOP and ThePeoplesRepublic both the sending information about us to Chinese. Maybe they are same person.

Also, I have a few questions for you:
1. How much of what I'm saying are you telling the other Chinese at this point?
2. Why did you ask if someone tried to kill me at 1:00 pm?

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