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 Post subject: Infodump Megapost
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:47 am 
There might still be stuff I'm missing, but here goes:

Isaacg (when he was still alive) was a vampire. His powers included Bite, which allowed him to turn another person into a vampire. This did not change their victory or game end conditions. Vampires need to bite someone (who can also be a vampire) at least every other day, or else they’ll die. Isaac’s victory condition involved turning a certain percentage of living players into vampires. I don’t know his game end condition, but I assume it’s similar to Ian’s, except all living players would be vampires rather than cult members. Isaac bit Ian on Day 1, and as far as I know, Ian has not bitten anyone else. Isaac also implied that an opposing faction exists, but I don’t know this for certain. Pravina is the other original vampire. She bit ksedlar and Lucy, and ksedlar has bitten me. I think we can work with and get information from Pravina if I offer to spread vampirism instead of just biting people I know are already vampires.

I messaged all three of the rogues that posted anonymously in town square from my own anonymous account. Rogue2 is ksedlar pretending to be a rogue. Mysteriousrogue and lvl9000 are the actual rogues, and attempted to kill Katie on Day 1 when she had an activated medkit. These two are also responsible for the deaths of Isaac and Jakob. Ksedlar for obvious reasons has their identities, and is currently using this fact to prevent them from killing her or anyone she likes.

Ksedlar and the Russian Spies:
Ksedlar has dirt and a deadman switch on every other faction/player that is known to have killing power besides us (namely, the west mafia and the two rogues), so I figured it would be good to form an alliance with her to get protection for us too. We had a long discussion last night about plans for the immediate future, and I think this whole thing works out pretty well for both of us. Katie is a member of the Russian spies. The details she gave me match up pretty well with Jess’s, but there are some differences and I’ll cover them here. I trust Katie’s version of things much much more than Jess’s.

there are two factions which are fighting each other, Russians and Chinese.
-accurate, and each has four players
Jess is one of the Russians. Anpere is also one of the Russians.
-Jess is one of the Russians but seems to be the most likely candidate for double agent, according to Katie
Each of those two factions (assuming Jess hasn't been duped) has a double-agent.
Jess knows all the Russians and Chinese, but other Russians have less information.
-There isn’t a good reason for Jess to find this out but not tell the other Russians anonymously
Jess claims to be able to bring people back from the dead up to 10 seconds after their death. (!)
-The magic stone is supposedly legit - the Russians anonymously posted their roles and items in the Russian forum
Jess is or knows someone with the ability to do a slightly-more-powerful investigation where the person can ask any yes-no question about a death and God will answer given the knowledge the victim had when they died.
-This is the same power as the last one - bring someone back and ask a yes/no question answered given the information they knew at the time of their death
There exists a potato item. The russians lose if one of them has it while the game ends. One Russian had a body double, who was tricked into taking the potato. It does not hurt Chinese.
-This is true
Jess said she doesn't know of or have money (so I guess they have different ability mechanics).
-Yup, this mechanic is mafia only
Jess has a magic stone. It has magic powers. It does the resurrection thing, and probably other powers.
-This is the resurrection/investigation thing above
The Russians are in desperate need of alliances with killing powered people! (To kill the chinese)
Russians control two desperado. They would die in 2 days and get 1 kill each when activated. Jess is a desperado, someone else she doesn't know (Russian) is a desperado.
-This is true. Katie is a regular investigator with 2 investigations per day. Katie knows that one desperado has the stone, and suspects she knows who the other desperado is. The remaining Russian claims to be a politician.
Russians have at least 2 abilities - Brainwash, Blackmail (x2) (anpere has one)
-These are transferrable items.
-Brainwash replaces a person’s victory condition with either that of the brainwasher or one that the brainwasher chooses, I forget which.
-Blackmail does the same thing, except the person getting blackmailed can also win game by killing everyone with the same victory condition as the person who blackmailed them.
-Katie had a medkit at the start of game, and the two Russians other than Jess had the blackmail and brainwash items, since Jess has the stone.
Anpere is the Russian double. So Chinese think he's Chinese.
-Katie and the other Russians don’t know about Anpere. I discussed this with her last night, and we suspect that Jess is the double agent working for the Chinese, and Anpere is a regular Chinese spy (given that he has blackmail, which would be OP on a double). Jess claiming Russian to Miles is probably to cover her tracks.

Other stuff:
-Sammyluo was likely a Chinese spy. He was killed by West Side mafia, so there’s a chance that they are in possession of the brainwash item, which can work as another conscription. Katie messaged the person she suspects owns the Russian brainwasher, and asked them to brainwash the killer (whose identity she knows).
-Lilychen is likely a Chinese spy. I spoke to her last night and asked if there was anyone in particular she wanted dead. She named Jess, and probably suspected that she killed Sammy shortly after finding out the identities of the Chinese spies.

Tl;dr: We’re working with the Russians. Jess is probably their double. I’ll kill her tonight with help from Miles. Ksedlar is a powerful ally, don’t kill her.

 Post subject: Re: Infodump Megapost
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:24 pm 
So does the potato hurt us to have? It hurts the Russians but not the Chinese? What does it do? Just wondering because it sounds funny haha

 Post subject: Re: Infodump Megapost
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:00 pm 
No idea

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