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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:23 pm 
I singlehandedly caught a mafia with my death, as an innocent child (one of the less valuable roles to lose).

Summary of my short life in game: lgunder gives me receiver 3. I give receiver 3 to Josh. I make plans to give mic 3 to Mads, because she was the only player who listed times and locations for a Sunday activity. Lily sees Mads, and I plan to have Josh/lgunder post that Mads isn't sketchy, but not explain why, and then Sammy's post makes it too obvious, so I out the fact that I gave Mads the mic. Sammy comes to give me his petition at the exact same time that Mads comes to give me back the mic, which I now want to give the mic to Lily Chen, who seems very unlikely to be rogue and mildly unlikely to be mafia in light of her outing of Mads. Mads becomes my last petition signature, and I submit my mayoral petition.

I get sniped by my mom wanting to talk to me on the phone until around 10:30. Sammy starts asking me about the status of his petition, and I run around Random trying to get signatures. Usually I would paranoia text a group, but because I'm talking with Sammy about petition stuff anyway, I just end up texting him. I get all but one signature needed and head back to my room to look up more potential players to ask. I wasn't successful finding jamb earlier, but I decide to go wander around again and actually knock on her door. I see Shi-ke as I'm going from Black Hole to BMF, and I get a quick text to Sammy before Shi-ke kabooms me. Sammy is of course continuing to text me, and so I tell him that I can't talk about game.

Mildly sad that the mic was destroyed and the kaboom regenerated, but it's not like Shi-ke using a bang would have made much difference, and it was pretty probable from mafia perspective that Mads gave me back the mic anyway. Aside from giving it to a random player to hold until Lily got back from the food mob, there wasn't anything I could have done.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:37 pm 
Also, the real hero is my phone's autocorrect, which managed to actually send whatever I typed in as "Shike". Funnily enough, now people are calling Shi-ke "Shike" on forums.

What town should do:
1. Fake claim rogue.
2. Establish that I probably died with the mic. Sammy and Mads knew Mads gave it back to me, and Lily knew I was going to give it to her. Josh can then conclude I was kaboomed.
3. Get started on having new petitions made.

Predictions for what might come:
1. Mafia will elevate Sammy to their highest priority kill target, given that he's pretty much a provable innocent for outing a mafia. They may or may not kill him tomorrow, but I expect that he will activate as desperado to start on day 3.
2. Town may find Lucy a bit suspicious, given my death and the fact that she was the other mayoral candidate.
3. Mafia will run into trouble with the fact that a lot of their kill targets (Lily, Dgrazian, Josh, Lucy, ltchin) are hard to kill at specific times. This will planning kills harder.

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