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 Post subject: New Suggested Game Plan
PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:00 pm 
I think this is considerably stronger than the other one. Thoughts appreciated.

Day 1:
Put paranoia on Lotta. (In early rounds, we should put it on as many other people as possible to make sure town doesn't figure out who it is until at least loop 3. Ksedlar's plan would really help with this.) This will make day 1 event trigger, which will give aok 2 paranoia, and there's just no way he can get 2 goodwill without also doubling the amount of paranoia he receives, so he can't use body double on day 2.
Things town can do to counteract once they figure this out:
a) Troy kills our CT (assuming they figure out who it is). Then we use the other one. Results: 2 CTs outed. After we do this once, there's no additional cost because both CTs are already outed. (Maybe we want to out both CTs immediately to increase the number of potential day 1 culprits?)
b) Troy kills Lotta before we can put paranoia on her. Then we use one killer to kill aok, and we all vote for jamb, winning the night's lynch vote (7-7). Results: K1 outed, we win in one day which is strong. After we do this once, there's no additional cost because K1 is already outed; town cannot stop K1 from killing aok because Troy has already used his kill on Lotta so K1 will live at least the full day.

Day 2 (assuming not case 1b):
Kill jamb and win. jamb blames someone else. After a few rounds it will probably be obvious that jamb is bad. Whatever. Results: jamb eventually outed (this will probably take 3 rounds at least. Even if we're not creative.)
Things town can do to counteract:
a) Get rid of both mafia killers on day 1. They'd have to deduce who these are entirely via P evidence, because nothing requires us to out K2. If this happens, then both CTs are necessarily alive, so they put paranoia on day 3/4 culprits.

Day 3/4 (if town manages to get 2a)
Do stuff with culprits and unless town knows absolutely everything we win.

In particular, we *never* have to out our K2 or DA, unless town manages to determine who they are via goodwill voting schemes and/or psychiatrists. Ps are untrustworthy, so the main thing we have to worry about is finding a way to mess with the goodwill plan.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:11 pm 
In particular, for tomorrow, we'd need to:

1) MAKE SURE WE PUT PARANOIA ON LOTTA. Ideally this would be done by dgrazian (or a town CT) in accordance with ksedlar's plan to paranoia as many people as possible, so it doesn't look like anything's sketchy. Worst case, dgrazian gets outed (sorry dgrazian; this would probably happen with the town's day 1 goodwill plans anyway.)

2) K1 AND K2 PRIVATELY SAY BANG TO JAMB. We need to make sure they do this on day 1 while I'm protected so they don't die on day 2. (Question for God: do we have to PM you when role abilities are used? Or do we just each individually keep track of this?) We should have both killers do this day 1, in case something comes up and one of them can't come kill me on day 2.

3) HAVE CT2 PRIVATELY GIVE PARANOIA TO A MAFIA. We don't want you dying at the end of the night - make sure you remember to do this EVERY DAY.

DA and I can chill out, unless there's someone in particular the DA should privately banana bread. I get to not die three times. I'll probably spend tomorrow talking with town and trying to understand their goodwill strategy better so I can see what we should be claiming. (Question 2 for God: roughly how long do we have between end of day and when people get goodwill? That is, how much time will we have to plan claims?)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:12 pm 
Also, Pesto's comment when I related this plan to check for game-breaking-ness:

"I confirm that this is in the acceptable balance interval of (what I expected before, what I expected before plus a small benefit for discovering that bit of brokenness)."

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:19 pm 
Yes, mechanical actions need to be reported to me.

I expect to usually be able to process the election in about 10 minutes, so about 11:10pm.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:50 am 
To be clear, I am not booing Lotta today, right? Also, what are our plans for goodwill and lynch votes tonight?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:52 am 
Note that because of the goodwill vote multiplier for CTs, we actually have to be really careful with goodwill votes.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:03 pm 
No, you're not booing anyone else today. Other Daniel will.

Mafia votes don't count for goodwill, so it doesn't matter much if your zero votes get doubled (except for tiebreakers.)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:51 pm 
Okay, it has occurred to Josh that mafia Ks have to kill someone in the first two days or else die, thus revealing the existence of a killer. Isaac pointed out that a mafia DA could protect someone on day 2, and have mafia Ks use their bangs on that person. (Thankfully, neither has figured out that we could do this day 1 with a mafia KP.)

They're now advocating against spreading paranoia, so dgrazian will almost certainly have to reveal himself to put paranoia on Lotta. This is okay.

If dgrazian could do this really close to the lynch vote time, maybe we could manage to get it so most people change their lynch votes to dgrazian, but not enough, and so mafia win the lynch vote?

Anyway, in the situation where day 2 happens, if dgrazian is still alive, I think a mafia K should kill him. (This is in addition to the other mafia K killing me, of course.) This will back up Josh's theory that mafia Ks have to kill someone every 2 days. (On day 2, the MDA would have more paranoia than goodwill, and so wouldn't be able to protect someone; this breaks Isaac's theory.) If we don't kill dgrazian and if town is smart, I'll be outed.

We might NOT be able to get that to happen, so Ks should still be sure to get their kills on me today.

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