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 Post subject: Da Rules
PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:44 pm 
Da Rules
We're putting the LIVE back in Live-action Mafia!

Unless you know otherwise, you are only allowed to communicate about game via "in-person" means. Otherwise, electronic media (forums, gchat, texts) are not free - it costs 1 coin to be allowed to post 100 words (which can be split up into multiple posts - stay honest about this; also, be reasonable about what a word is).

Logistical coordination in general is free. Words that contain game information are not.
For example, the following posts are free:
    - Introduction + initial schedule
    - Schedule updates
    - Lynch votes
    - Coordinating meetups
    - Death announcements (if GMs don't post within an hour).
The following are not:
    - Discussing who to lynch
    - Trying to sell your excess potatoes
    - Convincing people to sign your petitions

Private PMs are allowed for privacy coordination.

You must post on the forums at least once a day if you would like to use your powers for that day.

Anyone could be playing, so don't say anything to anyone about your role or i you're playing. Non-players are encouraged to troll in order to help with this. THIS IS A TROLL MAFIA GAME. You do not have to respond truthfully to "are you alive?" or "are you playing?". You still must be truthful about game incants.

    - In-person communication: Face to face, must be in the same physical location
    - One-on-one communication: On any medium, only two people are currently in the conversation. In-person communication is a subset of one-on-one communication. Signing a petition counts as one-on-one communication.

Win Conditions
    - Mafia - have more mafia who aren’t dead than townspeople
    - Town - kill all of the mafia
    - Others - well, wouldn't you like to know.

Elected roles
    - Count the mafia - returns the total number of living mafia (usable twice total, by 2 different mayors)
    - π x lynch votes
    Police Officer
    - May make an investigation on every prime-numbered day
    - Military Ordinance - allowed to post on the forums once a day with 3 sentences of information
    - Gets 2x votes on petitions
    - ???????

    - At least half of all living players must sign a petition to elect someone or impeach them. Petitions to elect are destroyed when an election happens and petitions to impeach are destroyed when an impeachment happens.
    - To submit a petition, burn it on a sacrificial plinth (send a picture to GMs) and you’ll find out within 2 hours (unless the GMs are asleep) whether it worked.

Mafia Powers
    - Set a trap (2x charges) - Guess a role, that charge sticks until that person is dead
    - Manipulate the Press (2x charges) - Change location, all investigations fail
    - Conscript (1x charge) - "I'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse", becomes mafia

    - Everyone starts with 2 coins. If you accumulate 7 coins, you may exchange them for one use of the "bang" incant.
    - There is a pawn shop run by the GMs. You may sell your items for coins, and they will be available for purchase at the pawn shop for the same amount of coins. Pawn shop inventory will be announced at day start, and inquiries will be responded to in the order they are received.

    - Dead man switches, cryptography and anonymous communication are NOT ALLOWED unless you know otherwise
    - You may vote for "No lynch" on day 1 only.
    - Day rollover is still 11 PM EST.

 Post subject: Re: Da Rules
PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:17 pm 
Update: no deadman switches unless you know otherwise.

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