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 Post subject: Welcome, Spies!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:20 am 
You’re part of Spy Team 758. You’ve infiltrated the dream to get information. Into it you sent a sketchy radio, which reminds one of your dream-world spy agents of their real purpose, and automatically passes to another spy agent if they die. It comes with the following recording:

Listen carefully to this pre-recorded message. You have a mission. You were sent from the real world, into the dream - that’s where you are now - to collect information. Your life as a townsperson is a figment of your imagination. One by one, people will dream that they died, or that other weird stuff happened, and they’ll wake up back in the real world. So our time to collect information is limited.

You can learn a lot about someone’s psyche by finding out who they envision themselves as in a dream. Our spy team constructed this dream and put people to sleep to gather this information on them. Unfortunately, our team splintered into multiple spy factions, and in the commotion we lost our brain imaging machine, so we can’t just scan people to find out what role they’ve dreamt of being. We’re sending some of our people into the dream to talk to others and try to figure out their roles. Meanwhile, we’ve got available a steady supply of old-school trap-style checks on people’s roles for you to use.

Your mission is two-fold:
1) Make sure no one realizes that this mafia game, which they think is their whole world, is just a dream; if people realized they were being experimented upon, the whole thing would fall apart. Only you and a handful of enemy agents know the truth, and upon your life none of you would divulge it.
2) Successfully set traps on any 10 living players by guessing their classical roles, before the enemy spies (who are symmetric to us) set their traps. You’ll have a stockpile of 10 traps; each one that succeeds sticks on the player even if they later die or change roles, and each one that fails gets repaired every night and ready to set anew, so there’s no reason to refrain from setting all your traps every night, even on random guesses. (Note: you cannot kill or in any other way gain power over people you have trapped.)

What if you die? Well, there are other members of our spy team, buried deep in the dream. This receiver is programmed specially to appear in one of their inventories if you die, so that they can take up the mission. You’ll continue coordinating our mission back from the real world, and you’ll have some limited communication with them via this receiver. Meanwhile, if any of your teammates leave the dream before you, they’ll start coordinating with you.

This receiver has a small mic button that you can use to radio in your trap guesses. If none of your teammates is awake, those trap guesses will be used to set the day’s traps; if they are awake, you can also radio in confidence ratings from 0-1 up to two decimal places (the probability that you think each guess is correct), and your teammates in the real world will use your input plus their own observations to make their guesses for the day. Either way, you will be told via this receiver what traps were set each day and whether they succeeded or failed.

Note: For all intents and purposes of the dream world, you are a normal player with your starting goal, special role, and classical role. You can use those roles, and you count as having your original goal for effects such as smiting. In fact, we encourage you to follow your dream world goals when it’s feasible, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your true mission - there’s no better way to blend in than to really let yourself believe in the values you claim [read: you still have your original goal as a secondary goal]. There is no effect in this world that would allow anyone to prove that you’re anything other than what you seem.

Traps your team has set so far: { }

So now it’s up to you to coordinate with your dream agent brunnerj, receive their transmissions, and make the final judgments on what traps to set.

Goal: Successfully set traps on any 10 living players, before the enemy spies set theirs.

Sketchy Radio: Each day, you’ll hear your agent’s trap submissions and confidence ratings (posted to this forum). Each day, you may (by posting it on this forum) send a message to them following the public restrictions listed in the real world forum about microphones, except that you may additionally ask about specific players for the purpose of trying to get role info, and your radio works exactly once per day and doesn’t use batteries. Mods will also send the day’s trap results to the agent via this device.

 Post subject: Re: Welcome, Spies!
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:00 pm 
brunnerj is awake. The sketchy radio is now in the hands of mads, the next dream agent.

 Post subject: Re: Welcome, Spies!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:03 am 
Welcome, Justin!

 Post subject: Re: Welcome, Spies!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:21 am 
Welcome, ritagram!

 Post subject: Re: Welcome, Spies!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:32 pm 
Welcome, mads!

There are few enough players left in the dream that the sketchy radio doesn't bother finding a new spy to make conscious. Hope this is fine!

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