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 Post subject: End of Game Summary
PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:02 am 
Here is a summary of what happened near the end of game:

- Lucy counted the inner mafia, finding that there was 1 and she could therefore trust her mafia buddies. She announced to everyone else that there were 3 mafia.
- Lilychen thought ksedlar was sketchy and vig-killed her.
- Sammy counted the outer mafia and saw that there were still 3 mafia alive, so ksedlar was town.
- Lucy tries to push a mafia win by traping and killing isaacg and lilychen
- Sammy realizes what is happening and kills Lucy with his kill power and gets lucky on a trap to kill jamb
- at this point, there are just 3 players alive, and Sammy is the only active one, so he pushes a win in the lynch vote.

 Post subject: Re: End of Game Summary
PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:49 pm 
Heh, that's what happened mechanically, but there's some more flesh to the story, which can probably be told at wrapup.

The gist of it from my perspective:
sammyluo wrote:
The problem is that I don't know which universe I'm in.

I'm trying to get one of jamb and Lucy to count. If they give a count of 0,1, or 4 I'll probably assume they're lying and get them killed.

If they give a count of 3, I either think they're lying, or that one of jamb, ksedlar killed luke (or that there was a pointless lying investigator) and town is doing poorly. I then sniff out the investigator, see if they seem reasonable, try to get a vig to kill jamb, and me to kill ksedlar, and then recount.

If they give a count of 2, I either think they're lying, or that there's a lying investigator and town is doing OK. I then sniff out the investigator, put them on the lynch block, and kill ksedlar (?) just to be sure.

I mostly just don't know what I'm doing, tbh

So Lucy gave a count of 3, and from psych reading Isaac I thought he was likely to be reasonable. I'd suggested a vig kill to get an update before choosing a lynch target, and I'd sensed that Lily's response to that seemed viggy, so I talked to her separately about one of ksedlar and jamb being very likely to have made the kill. Lily distrusted Katie more, so she killed her (at the same time, Katie tried to kill back but didn't have 10 seconds beforehand, and we tried to meta this away.)

I probably should've gotten Lily to kill jamb instead, both to have someone to soak up the possible GN-revenge kill from Lucy, and because that gave more information, but I thought that killing a GN would be really bad in the 3-mafia scenario. This also would've saved Katie's vig kill. Oh well.

So after this and I counted mafia again, I knew that there were still 3 mafia left, i.e. either Katie was town, or Lucy lied about the investigation. In either case, I knew Lily was town, so unless the set of mafia was {Isaac, Elaine, Jordan}, which seemed really unlikely, I knew that jamb and Lucy were bad. But I was afraid that it was too late to try to take action against them, and I wanted to stick with the contract with jamb so that I could at least get 1 point from that. Even if I did take action to try to save town, town would probably turn on me anyway.

I told Lily privately that jamb and Lucy were almost certainly mafia, then told her I wasn't going to vote for them anyway because I wanted to keep my contract (though I technically had mechanical evidence, I wasn't going to admit it :P ).

So, I submitted a stray (tiebreaker?) vote for jordan and tried to forget about the game and focus on sleepover things instead. Then, one minute before day end, Lucy kills Isaac. jamb keeps pretending to be town to me, and seems to be hinting for me to lynch Lucy, so I vote for Lucy. Lucy then kills Lily, and I tell jamb that she could stop pretending because I was the only non-dying townie left. She admits this is true, and I convince her to not lynch me until Elaine died, to honor our contract.

She asks if it'd be fine to lynch Lucy, suspecting she might be MM, and I say sure, but I could also just kill her now. jamb approves this, so I kill Lucy. Then jamb wants me to erase my name from her taser so she could tase me the next day before I could kill her. I point out that this doesn't work (jordan didn't sign the taser). I point out that I can't kill her anyway without traps, and then realize that I should probably try to trap her today. I trap her as gravedigger, which fails, and give up. I say that I suppose I could trap her again tomorrow, so her concern is valid. She points out that multiple traps can be set in one day, and don't regenerate (oops, rules), which is how Lucy killed 2 people. So I set the second trap on her as follows: I slaughter her, which fails. I know she isn't vig or GN, so the only possibilities are stalker and investigator. I reason that neither DG nor I were stalked, so investigator was more likely. I guess I got lucky there. Upon a success, I kill her.

Now there are 3 players left in game. Assuming my knowledge of game state is correct, Elaine is dying gravedigger-GN, who'd submitted a vote for ksedlar before going offline, and thus was voting for herself. I was certain Jordan was voting for me, and after having the tiebreaker rules read to me to correct me N times, I realized that I lost tiebreakers to Jordan tomorrow anyway, so I probably just lost. Still, I voted for Jordan on the off chance she was voting for Elaine, or Elaine would see and vote for her, anyway. This was a really agonizing decision.

It turned out Jordan had voted for Lily and then went offline, so she voted for herself and died. Yay :P

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