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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:33 am 
So the game is coming to a close. There are 7 players and i don't know who is mafia and who is town completely so time for open discussion about this game.

Starting off, I decided to shovel up Michael_ma's corpse and discovered him to be

Town, Vigilante.

Pretty disappointing to say the least. The mafia is one step closer to murdering us all, but of course that is not where things end. I also received a pm from jwlw2022 this morning and it said the following:

I invite you to come to McCormick Desk before 1:50pm today if you would like to make this game end earlier.

The odds are no longer in your favor.

Seems to me to be a pretty obvious declaration of "I'm Mafia." So the way I see this breaking down is Dledesma, agdawson, and myself are town. I don't even care about my role anymore so I'll even say it. I am a town Pair investigator under the codename OwO. Sucks that I didn't do to much with it since I was roleblocked so often, but make of that what you will. Aside from the three of us, I am 100% sure that jwlw2022 is actually mafia (surprising I know). I really doubt that I misinterpreted this message in any way so thats one mafia. This leaves three people who I am not sure of. Worst case scenario is that three mafia remain alive, meaning one of the following three, lumikp karengao and ellenwan, should be town. Otherwise if all three of you were to be mafia then it would be 3 town vs 4 mafia and mafia would win since none of us have killing roles.

I implore any of you remaining town members left to please stay alive and vote to lynch jwlw2022. She is the number one suspect at the moment. I might be wrong about the number of mafia, there could be 2 or 3. Since jwlw2022 is mafia and she received the counter results, we can conclude that she was lying about the number of remaining mafia. There are at least 2 remaining. There is no doubt.

Please remember, michael_ma saw a positive spirit search with agdawson, himself, and jwlw2022. He assumed jwlw2022 had been framed. But he was wrong. She was the murderer. I pair investigated the murder with these results
[michael_ma,jwlw2022] -> michael_ma innocent
[jwlw2022,lumikp] -> lumikp innocent

PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:00 pm 
I am also very suspicious of jwlw2022.

Let's assume for a second that Julia really isn't mafia. Then, she would have no reason to lie about the counter results, and there would really only be one mafia member left. This would also mean that she really was framed for sualeh's death. However, it seems weird that she would vote for michael. It would make more sense to vote for somebody who was more likely to have framed her, specifically ellenwan, who never posted an alibi for the death. The way I see it, there are a couple of possibilities:

1)jwlw2022 is town, but she incorrectly voted to lynch michael. I can understand this, since michael could have framed her and have been confident in going to the spirit search knowing that the result woulb be ambiguous due to the framing. This turned out to not be the case (unless his body was tampered with before we could shovel him, but I doubt it), but there was no way for Julia to know that. The only iffy thing about this is why she would choose to lynch michael over ellen when ellen doesn't have an alibi.

2)She is a mafia member. This would be really bad since the counter results are no longer valid. The only consolation in this case is that the game is not lost for town yet since the GMs haven't stopped the game yet, so there would be at most 3 mafia.

I was hoping that Case 1 would be what's happening, but the message she sent farel22 is very incriminating. There is no reason for her to be town and think farel22 is mafia since there would only be one mafia left and agdawson and farel22 both alibi'd each other for sualeh's death, unless for some reason she lied about mafia results as town and suspects both agdawson. Instead, it would make more sense for her to be mafia and decide for some reason to threaten farel22.

tl;dr: Pretty sure jwlw2022 is mafia.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:35 pm 
Investigations are in for the murder of sualeh.
karengao killed sualeh. Investigations are conclusive.

Today, karengao is roleblocked and jwlw2022 has been tazed. Neither will have killing ability for the rest of the day. If there are no deaths today, this will cement my belief that karengao and jwlw2022 are the remaining mafia. However, it is still questionable whether there is a third mafia member remaining.
From my findings, what I can conclude is that these following people were mafia
- Julian was a SK priest (shoveled by syoro who has been confirmed town, so most likely telling the truth)
- Daniel Grazian was mafia/SK secret admirer (who was going to die, so took down syoro with him).
- Sir Nicoeus was mafia. It is my guess that he was mafia, but the mafia hadn't killed in either 3 cumulative days or two consecutive days. He died of bloodlust. Mafia is allowed to choose which of their members dies, and it was him. I believe it was the latter one. See, he died at the end of day 8. Day 6, only swanilg died. This could have been a serial killer murder (most likely by julian). Day 7, julian died. This death was claimed as a vigilante kill (probably from ixa). Sir Nico did not kill lindrew. We can trust sualeh as he was most likely town (since he is dead now). Sir Nico took the fall for a mafia kill, even though he didn't commit it so no one would ask for alibis.

To anyone that is town, carry a tazer with jwlw2022 and karengao's names, for your own safety, I implore you. Town can still win. We need to wait them out, if they are tazed, they cannot kill. And, if two consecutive days go by, one will die of bloodlust (that is to say none are serial killers).

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